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Crimson Room

1. Open and close curtain until ring falls out. Take it.
2. Look in bowl and take ring.
3. Look on window and take key.
4. Look under pillow and take key.
5. Use key on left drawer and take power-chord.
6. Use key on right drawer and take mystery box.
7. Use power chord on CD player, turn it on, and open cd slot. Take key.
8. Lift pillow and click space between mattress and head board. Take metal rod.
9. Turn right from the bed, then click bottom left corner of screen. Take battery.
10. Look under dresser and get cassette.
11. Examine mystery box and put rings and rod on top.
12. Open box and put cassette and battery in, then click lens to start movie.
13. Watch the entire movie. Then after the movie is over, click the spot where the person was pointing. Wait a moment for the slot to open.
14. Open the slot. Use this code - 1994
15. Get screw driver. Click on door to get close to it. Click on knob with screwdriver, then click door to escape.

escaperoom, 15.11.2014, 12:07
Idea status: completed


Bjrn, 20.04.2017, 15:14
Where did 1994 come from?

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