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ESCAPE THE ROOM - free online flash games, room escape games, point and click games, logic games, puzzle games, quest, adventure games, action games. Arcade. Walkthrough. Флеш игры - побег из комнаты, логические игры, квесты, головоломки. Прохождение.
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i would like to know where every thing is it would make it more easyer

give us the places where every thing is
josslyn, 01.09.2015, 04:46
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Escape quaint room youtube wil ik zien hoe moet

Els , 31.01.2015, 15:44
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have some hints

you might need some hints some times
kalicat18, 12.06.2019, 02:30
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Crimson Room

1. Open and close curtain until ring falls out. Take it. 2. Look in bowl and take ring. 3. Look on window and take key. 4. Look under pillow and take key. 5. Use key on left drawer and take power-chord. 6. Use key on right drawer and take...
escaperoom, 15.11.2014, 12:07
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